Very Merry Engagement Session

This session was fun and a chatty day. The best kind spending good quality time with some good conversation. The couple was fun and outgoing enough to dance in the field and make funny faces :-P. So we know they will have a interesting life together with many smiles and laughs till they cry. The Bride to be she is surely gonna be entertained for many years to come! When it came time to think of a theme, the Bride knew exactly what she wanted a engagement session with a Christmas Undertone, due to the engagement originally taking place last Christmas! So this session not only captures their fun, their love, but also the time of their engagement! The time she received the best present ever!

When to people fall in love it can sometimes happen immediately at first sight or after many times of the girl turning down the gent. Regardless of the time they realize they are in love, it all never stops there. Love is proven and built stronger over time.

Time is Love..

Location is

B&D Christmas Tree Farm – 1206 Elliot Farm Rd  Fayetteville, NC        910-482-4404




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