B+M Mercer “A Dream That Came True”

Not to often you get to see a dream come true.

A dream of perfectly put together flowers, colors, up do’s, suit and ties. Dreams do come to some in black in white, but today this dream was vivid with colors and sparkles from bright smiles.  Then add a intimate list of friends, family to share it with, mom, dad, brother, and her BFF’s. Then those dreamy blue eyes that captured her heart, all topped off with a romantic sunset in the South, on the East side of North Carolina.

Madison dear you truly had such a beautiful evening of family, friends, and love. I am so happy your prince charming finally came to sweep you off of your feet!



Venue –
Gigi’s Vintiques at Thompson Farm
7923 Chicken Foot Road, Saint Pauls, NC 28384 – 910-237-0990
Gigi’s Vintiques at Thompson Farm​

DJ –
Langston Entertainment
910-990-2304 Langston Entertainment​

Kellie Marie Photography​
IG @kmphotog.nc




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