Welcome soon to be Brides & Grooms!

So the question has been asked and you knew exactly what to do at that moment!


Now the more difficult portion of wedding planning is ahead and you have so many choices to make. What them, what dress, tuxes, flowers, venues, and cake tastings and more! I know it is a lot to think over and organize, this is why I am going the extra mile in to help you to get your wedding planning off right.

The first most important things to determine are your budget, venue, and then photographer. Budgeting puts things in perspective of which path to go. You might have to skip the venue and place those funds to the cake or catering. The venue is next if you are getting one, this comes second because you need to make sure The Date is Saved and Set! Then certainly not last the Photographer, this is the person who is going to capture your wedding in high quality photos. The photos freeze in time the hard work you placed in a theme, color arrangement, cake design, your make up, dress, the KISS, and all the love. These photos will be your one keep sake that last forever, they will be there when you are sitting with your child and their fiance to show them that love last, love is true, and forever!

So to get on the right track please download my Welcome Packet and Wedding Planning Check list here. 2018 Wedding Welcome & Guide